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E-206- An attractive, vivacious, highly intelligent, fun loving, empathetic and successful professional with a passion for the outdoors, live theatre, cooking, entertaining, music, world travel and dancing seeks a handsome, fit, warm-hearted, active, substantive, worldly and cultured late 60's exec/pro.

E-207- An attractive, outgoing, intelligent, sociable, soulful, successful and caring professional who enjoys cycling, hiking, cooking, entertaining, culture, travel and music seeks a tall, charming, active, sincere, open and warm late 50's gentleman of European descent.

E-209- An attractive, bright, engaging, easy going, successful and athletic business owner who enjoys golf, tennis, cottage life, horseback riding, music, entertaining and international travel seeks a healthy, active, independent, passionate and accomplished exec/pro, late 50's-early 60's.

E-190- An extremely bright, attractive, warm-hearted, engaging, worldly, cultured, highly accomplished and erudite Jewish professional who enjoys the arts, world travel, the outdoors, reading and entertaining seeks a tall, intelligent, engaging and well-informed executive/ professional (late 50's-early 60's).

E-210- An attractive, strong willed, fun loving, confident, articulate and accomplished business owner who enjoys sailing, painting, cooking, swimming, art, fine dining, music, philanthropy and world travel seeks an intelligent, kind, open, warm, successful and fun loving gentleman, mid-late 60's.

E-191 - An intelligent, gifted, stylish, and very attractive medical specialist who enjoys a variety of sports, health and fitness, world travel, music, the outdoors and socializing seeks an active, handsome, worldly, fun loving debonair, self confident, mature and successful executive/professional (mid-late 40's).

E-212- A tall, very attractive, energetic, confident, sociable, adventurous, smart, athletic and highly accomplished professional who enjoys squash, tennis, golf, skiing, mountain biking, cottage life, world travel, music, entertaining, fine dining and music seeks a tall, handsome, fit, active, engaging, easy going, sincere and successful early 50's gentleman.

E-192- An attractive, bright, fun loving, outgoing, successful and highly sociable professional who enjoys golf, skiing, the outdoors, world travel, music and socializing seeks an engaging, witty, energetic, funny, romantic and accomplished exec/pro (late 50's-early 60's).

E-195- A very attractive, tall, slim, stylish and cultured Jewish professional who enjoys cottage life, travel, sports, the arts, cooking, fitness, spectator sports and entertaining sees a handsome, tall, successful, bright, warm and fun loving late 50's gentleman of substance.

E-194- A tall, very attractive, slim, stylish, athletic and highly accomplished professional who enjoys sailing, tennis, skiing, cycling, cottage life and world travel seeks a tall, handsome, worldly, sophisticated and active exec/pro., late 50's-early 60's.

E-205- A very attractive, fit, bright, warm, engaging, stylish, cultured, refined, outgoing and and financially independent widow who enjoys the outdoors, health and fitness, golf, cooking, entertaining and international travel seeks a handsome, worldly, debonair, tall, fit, active, and sociable late 60's exec/pro with a zest for life.

E-204A- A stunning, shapely, exceptionally fit, stylish, sociable, highly accomplished and cultured professional who enjoys sports, world travel, musical theatre, photography and dancing seeks a dynamic, successful, debonair, intelligent, romantic, confident and independent early-50's Jewish gentleman of substance.

E-162 - A tall, very attractive, stylish, creative, highly accomplished and aventurous blonde professional woman residing in Niagara-on-the-lake and Bermuda seeks a tall, handsome, debonair, confident, spontaneous and successful exec/pro who enjoys first class world travel, sports, entertaining, the arts and health and fitness. (late 50’s-early 60’s).

E-165 - A tall, stunning, slim, intelligent, creative and sophisticated Toronto woman of distinction with eclectic tastes and a first class lifestyle, seeks a long-term relationship with a tall, fit worldly, warm-hearted, confident, engaging, debonair and substantive gentleman, mid-50’s-early 60’s.      

E-201- A tall, very attractive, slim, outgoing, refined, engaging, intelligent and financially secure lady who enjoys cottage life, world travel, cooking, entertaining, theatre, art and the outdoors seeks a tall, handsome, confident, successful, romantic, sincere, worldly and easy going early-mid 60's exec/pro.

E-183- A stunning tall, slim, shapely, athletic and successful blonde haired executive who enjoys sports, cottage life, travel, cooking, socializing, live theatre, music and home renovations seeks a tall, handsome, fit, accomplished, confident and romantic 40's gentleman of substance.

E-203-A very attractive, stylish, fun loving, vibrant, sociable, independent and substantive widow with a passion for international travel, health and fitness, the arts, music, the outdoors, art, cooking and entertaining, seeks a long-term relationship with a energetic, handsome, independent, quietly confident, successful, worldly, easy going and debonair 70's gentleman with a good sense of humour and a passion for life.

E-167-A very attractive, vibrant, sophisticated, stylish, sociable engaging and highly accomplished widow seeks a tall, confident, healthy, adventurous and successful late 50's exec/pro who enjoys world travel, the arts, socializing and the outdoors.

E-168-A stunning, fit, stylish, shapely, fun loving and financially secure female who enjoys sports, travel, entertaining and the outdoors seeks a tall, handsome, sincere, confident, successful, mature and outgoing 40's exec/pro with strong family values and a great sense of humour.

E-182-A very attractive, stylish, athletic, sensual and creative lady who enjoys a variety of sports, world travel, cooking, entertaining and the arts seeks a tall fit, active fun loving and successful exec./pro (late 60's).

E-142- A tall, stunning, exotic, dynamic, cultured, refined and highly accomplished professional woman who enjoys entertaining, fine dining, wine, international travel, the arts and outdoor life seeks a tall, open-minded, romantic, substantive and multi-faceted executive/professional with strong values, exceptional communication skills and a great sense of humour, late 60's.

E-145-A tall, slim, stylish and very attractve blonde-haired professional (widow) who enjoys cooking, the outdoors, cottage life, international travel, fine dining, music, the arts and entertaining seeks a highly accomplished, tall, fit and engaging 60's exec/pro. with a great sense of humour and "joie de vivre".

E-197-A tall, very attractive, athletic, fun-loving, warm-hearted, sociable and accomplished executive who enjoys golf, skiing, cottage life, international travel, culture, fine dining and entertaining seeks a tall, fit, active, handsome, and financially independent exec/pro (mid-late 60's).

E-199- An attractive, fit, healthy, youthful, vibrant, voluptuous, highly accomplished and engaging executive seeks a tall, active, successful, confident and independent 60's gentleman who enjoys good food, wine, travel, the outdoors and socializing.

E-172-A very attractive, creative, athletic, accomplished, intelligent and fun-loving female seeks a tall, handsome, sincere and successful exec/pro with strong values who enjoys world travel, the arts, sports, fine dining and the outdoors, late 40's-early 50's.

E-213- A very attractive, slim, shapely, stylish, cultured and sophisticated Winnipeg-based woman of substance who enjoys health and fitness, the arts, movies, international travel, the outdoors, cottage life, business, music and entertaining seeks a handsome, healthy, active, confident and accomplished late-60's gentleman with a fun loving nature.

E-174- An attractive, fun loving, intelligent, warm-hearted and successful executive with a passion for the outdoors, cottage life, golf, skiing, travel, culture and socializing seeks a handsome, energetic, outgoing, confident, bright and compassionate mid-50's exec/pro with an easy going nature and a sense of adventure.

E-204-A very attractive, stylish, fit, intelligent, dynamic, fun loving and highly accomplished professional who enjoys the outdoors, world travel, the arts, gardening and home renovations seeks a handsome, fit, confident, vibrant, worldly, passionate and sophisticated mid-60's gentleman of substance.