Executive Life Partners is Canada's most exclusive relationship search consultancy. We are not a dating service or a membership-driven singles network. We are simply the most discreet, personalized and convenient way to find your true life partner.

Executive Life Partners is a unique, one-on-one personal matchmaking service that caters exclusively to busy professionals and career minded men and women. Work, geography, social background and more conspire to keep us from meeting the people who will complete our lives. We can help.

Our first stage allows us to understand you. A series of comprehensive, proprietary interview techniques, allows us to build your profile. Then, through a rigorous screening process, in-depth interviews and detailed background checks potential partners are identified. You are assured that the individuals you are about to meet match your desired partner expectations.

If you are frustrated at your inability to meet that special someone Executive Life Partners is the executive search consultancy that can be trusted to find your true life partner.

All questions can be answered in an initial complimentary personal interview that can be arranged at your convenience in the comfort of your own home, at your office or the offices of Executive Life Partners.

Discretion, confidentiality, integrity and results are the four cornerstones of our operating philosophy.