Terms and Conditions

Executive Life Partners is an elite one-to-one personal matchmaking service that seeks to introduce single men and women for lasting relationships. In consideration of the fee paid, following discussions and interviews with clients, Executive Life Partners will design a client biographical profile and a customized partner profile. Executive Life Partners will plan and execute a targeted marketing campaign designed to attract appropriate candidates. Through a rigorous screening process and a series of in-depth interviews, Executive Life Partners will endeavour to introduce clients to individuals that match their desired partner profile over the course of 2 years.

Executive Life Partners will make every effort to match clients with partners that have similar interests and backgrounds. However, Executive Life Partners does not guarantee the compatibility of its clients with selected individuals.

The personal information supplied to Executive Life Partners will be treated as confidential and used solely for the purpose of matching clients with appropriate partners.
Executive Life Partners is an exclusive, national, retainer-based relationship search firm. Two-thirds of the agreed upon fee is due and payable upon initiation of the search and the final one-third is due and payable upon client satisfaction following the commencement of introductions. Clients of Executive Life Partners are permitted to temporarily place their service agreement "on hold"once within a 12 month period. If a client fails to re-instate their agreement within a year, a credit equal to 50% of the fee paid will be applied to their account for an additional 12 months only. All fees paid to Executive Life Partners are non-refundable. If clients provide false or misleading information, Executive Life Partners reserves the right to terminate that client relationship, without refund, at its sole discretion.